Maya Kroth

Maya Kroth

I'm a journalist.

I spent most of my career covering food, drinks and culture in the San Diego-Tijuana region before moving to Spain in 2012 on a Fulbright fellowship to research my first book. Currently: Mexico City.

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9 Fascinating Facts About Sotol | Tales of the Cocktail

Learn all about the "crazy, uncomfortable brother of the agave family."

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When Capitalism Kills Your Favorite Old Bar | Tales of the Cocktail

This month, a beloved San Diego dive will close after 57 years in business. Albie’s plight made us wonder: is gentrification making dive bars go extinct?

Agave plants.jpg.660x0 q85 article

Will Raicilla Be the Next Top Agave Spirit?

Local moonshine from Jalisco states is making inroads north-of-the-border | Tales of the Cocktail