Maya Kroth

Maya Kroth

I'm a journalist.

I spent most of my career covering food, drinks and culture in the San Diego-Tijuana region before moving to Spain in 2012 on a Fulbright fellowship to research my first book. Currently: Mexico City.

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Due Respect for 'Citizen Science' | San Diego Union-Tribune

When someone says, “San Diego Natural History Museum,” you think: dinosaur bones. But the true stars of the museum’s collection have long lurked in an area that’s been mostly off-limits to the public, until now.

Stone soup cooking by river bdesrus 2000x1500 article

The Final Ingredient to This Mexican Soup? A Hot Rock to Cook It | Saveur

Digging into rural Oaxaca's tradition of stone soup, with photos by Benedicte Desrus.

20160622 sancristobal 1 general 560x375 article
New York Magazine

Find Art and History in San Cristobal de las Casas | New York

Recently named a UNESCO “Creative City of Folk Art,” this Colonial town in southern Mexico boasts an arts scene with a rich heritage and contemporary energy.

Cropparkerlenox 131464879611 article

In this trendy Mexico City neighborhood, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a good cocktail | The Washington Post

In this trendy Mexico City neighborhood, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a good cocktail

Mezcal05 300x300 article

Seven Tips for Drinking Mezcal | Lucky Peach

The Indiana Jones of mezcal gives us the scoop.

Screen shot 2016 02 29 at 12.41.50 pm article

9 Fascinating Facts About Sotol | Tales of the Cocktail

Learn all about the "crazy, uncomfortable brother of the agave family."

Ck article
Travel + Leisure

You Can Now Sleep in Elizabeth Taylor’s Puerto Vallarta Bedroom

You Can Now Sleep in Elizabeth Taylor’s Puerto Vallarta Bedroom | Travel + Leisure

Slomo article
Foreign Policy

A Tale of the Pure at Heart | Foreign Policy

In 2014, Lev Tahor arrived in Guatemala, the latest stop in a 20-year international journey. The ultra-conservative Jewish sect cries that it is escaping religious persecution. But to those left behind — in Israel, New York, and Canada — the group is a dangerous cult ducking accusations of brainwashing, abuse, and child marriage.

Albies nude paintings.jpg.824x0 q85 article

When Capitalism Kills Your Favorite Old Bar | Tales of the Cocktail

This month, a beloved San Diego dive will close after 57 years in business. Albie’s plight made us wonder: is gentrification making dive bars go extinct?

20150908 grand rapids 3 eat 560 article
New York Magazine

The Weekend Escape Plan: Grand Rapids | New York Magazine

Get Gastronomical in West Michigan

Upworthy article

He wrote a song about his mom's cancer. That's when famous musicians sent him their version. | Upworthy

And then they got involved. And your heart explodes with joy.

Tmg slideshow l article

The Best Bars and Restaurants in Tijuana | Thrillist LA

The Ultimate Tijuana Dining Guide

Junkyard music box article

Junkyard instruments on The Green Room | Interlochen Public Radio

Junkyard instruments and a Stradivarius violin: this week on The Green Room on Interlochen Public Radio

Carina soto tales of the cocktail 0e36a963 article
San Diego Magazine

The Coachella of Cocktail-Making | San Diego Magazine

We checked out the most recent “Tales of the Cocktail on Tour” confab in Mexico City

Guatemala elections 0ddfd article
The Washington Post

Guatemalan textiles, straight from the weaver's hands to yours | Washington Post Travel

Guatemalan textiles, straight from the weaver's hands to yours.