Maya Kroth

Maya Kroth

I'm a journalist.

I spent most of my career covering food, drinks and culture in the San Diego-Tijuana region before moving to Spain in 2012 on a Fulbright fellowship to research my first book. Currently: Mexico City.

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Screen shot 2016 11 21 at 3.30.45 pm article

Inside The Tiny Barcelona Restaurant Using Food To Fight For Migrants' Rights | GOOD

On the surface, Mescladís looks like any other charming little restaurant in Barcelona's trendy Born district. But a closer look reveals a project with much larger ambitions.

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Due Respect for 'Citizen Science' | San Diego Union-Tribune

When someone says, “San Diego Natural History Museum,” you think: dinosaur bones. But the true stars of the museum’s collection have long lurked in an area that’s been mostly off-limits to the public, until now.

Stone soup cooking by river bdesrus 2000x1500 article

The Final Ingredient to This Mexican Soup? A Hot Rock to Cook It | Saveur

Digging into rural Oaxaca's tradition of stone soup, with photos by Benedicte Desrus.

20160622 sancristobal 1 general 560x375 article
New York Magazine

Find Art and History in San Cristobal de las Casas | New York

Recently named a UNESCO “Creative City of Folk Art,” this Colonial town in southern Mexico boasts an arts scene with a rich heritage and contemporary energy.

Cropparkerlenox 131464879611 article

In this trendy Mexico City neighborhood, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a good cocktail | The Washington Post

In this trendy Mexico City neighborhood, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a good cocktail

Mezcal05 300x300 article

Seven Tips for Drinking Mezcal | Lucky Peach

The Indiana Jones of mezcal gives us the scoop.

Screen shot 2016 02 29 at 12.41.50 pm article

9 Fascinating Facts About Sotol | Tales of the Cocktail

Learn all about the "crazy, uncomfortable brother of the agave family."

Ck article
Travel + Leisure

You Can Now Sleep in Elizabeth Taylor’s Puerto Vallarta Bedroom

You Can Now Sleep in Elizabeth Taylor’s Puerto Vallarta Bedroom | Travel + Leisure

Slomo article
Foreign Policy

A Tale of the Pure at Heart | Foreign Policy

In 2014, Lev Tahor arrived in Guatemala, the latest stop in a 20-year international journey. The ultra-conservative Jewish sect cries that it is escaping religious persecution. But to those left behind — in Israel, New York, and Canada — the group is a dangerous cult ducking accusations of brainwashing, abuse, and child marriage.

Albies nude paintings.jpg.824x0 q85 article

When Capitalism Kills Your Favorite Old Bar | Tales of the Cocktail

This month, a beloved San Diego dive will close after 57 years in business. Albie’s plight made us wonder: is gentrification making dive bars go extinct?

20150908 grand rapids 3 eat 560 article
New York Magazine

The Weekend Escape Plan: Grand Rapids | New York Magazine

Get Gastronomical in West Michigan

Upworthy article

He wrote a song about his mom's cancer. That's when famous musicians sent him their version. | Upworthy

And then they got involved. And your heart explodes with joy.

Tmg slideshow l article

The Best Bars and Restaurants in Tijuana | Thrillist LA

The Ultimate Tijuana Dining Guide

Junkyard music box article

Junkyard instruments on The Green Room | Interlochen Public Radio

Junkyard instruments and a Stradivarius violin: this week on The Green Room on Interlochen Public Radio

Carina soto tales of the cocktail 0e36a963 article
San Diego Magazine

The Coachella of Cocktail-Making | San Diego Magazine

We checked out the most recent “Tales of the Cocktail on Tour” confab in Mexico City