Maya Kroth

Maya Kroth

I'm a journalist.

I spent most of my career covering food, drinks and culture in the San Diego-Tijuana region before moving to Spain in 2012 on a Fulbright fellowship to research my first book. Currently: Mexico City.

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Out There — Episode 31: Another Channel

What if the lines between science and religion aren't so clear?

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Order Up: New owners pay homage to a legend | IPR

"She carried herself out with a horse-driven casket and it was solid glass, and there she laid. Most awesome, I’ll never forget it."

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Order Up: Bob's Country Kitchen | IPR

When the sheriff runs a diner, you can get shooting lessons with your breakfast. My latest for Interlochen Public Radio.

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Order Up: Cops and Doughnuts | IPR

Sometimes diner conversations get so heated, you need a safe word. A radio story for Interlochen Public Radio.

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Welcoming the deported in Mexico City | A Beautiful Perspective

A crew of recent returnees help new arrivals make a softer landing

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7 of the World's Dreamiest Glamping Bubbles | AFAR

Just when you thought glamping couldn’t get any more Instagrammable, here come the bubbles.

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Weekend Getaway | Puebla | New York Magazine

Puebla is a place where 155 years ago two armies fought and now Americans celebrate the event with the utmost respect, by wearing fake mustaches and drinking 2-for-1 margaritas. But there's other, cooler stuff to know about the city.

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The Cockroach Truffles and Scorpion Canapes of Mexico's Insect Food Festival | Saveur

Draped atop a slab of milk chocolate, the two-inch-long Madagascar hissing cockroach looks almost elegant, its lacquered exoskeleton reflecting the thin light of a Mexico City afternoon.

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New York Magazine

The Weekend Escape Plan - Barcelona | New York

Be a responsible tourist in the Catalonian capital.

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New York Magazine

The Weekend Escape Plan - Tijuana | New York

With booming food, beer, and art scenes (plus a favorable exchange rate), San Diego’s southern neighbor is calling.

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9 summer things you miss — and 1 you don't — when you leave San Diego | Union-Tribune

Hint: Comic-Con traffic isn't one of the 9. For the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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The Washington Post

City tours for the socially conscious | Washington Post

A glimpse into the life of Barcelona’s homeless

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Why No One Should Underestimate San Diego | Thrillist

San Diego Is Much More Than Perfect Weather, a Zoo & Beaches

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Inside a Michelin-Starred Chef's Controversial Quest to Turn Fighting Bulls into Gourmet Food | Thrillist

Inside a Michelin-Starred Chef's Controversial Quest to Turn Fighting Bulls into Gourmet Food | Thrillist

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Inside The Tiny Barcelona Restaurant Using Food To Fight For Migrants' Rights | GOOD

On the surface, Mescladís looks like any other charming little restaurant in Barcelona's trendy Born district. But a closer look reveals a project with much larger ambitions.